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Long Distance Towing Near Me

Long Distance Towing in the North State

Moving from one location to the next can sometimes be a daunting task, and the job only becomes more challenging when you have vehicles to transport as well.  Often, individuals find themselves wondering exactly how they can take their cars to their new location without forcing family members to ride separately across the long trip.  To help make moving easier, 530 Towing is proud to offer our customers long-distance towing services.

Our long-distance towing services remove the hassle when transporting vehicles from one location to the next.  Whether you are planning to move to another state or simply want to transport your car to another county, 530 Towing is here to help. 

Long Distance Towing in Shasta County

At 530 Towing, we are local owned and operated, making it easy for us to help those within our greater Redding area.  When you contact us, we will be happy to work with you to schedule a time for your vehicle to be towed.  We understand that transporting a vehicle long-distance can seem like it involves a lot of challenges for our clients; however, we are proud to make the process simple.

Get your vehicle there in good shape. The staff at 530 Towing is passionate about caring for each vehicle as if it was their own.  While a long- distance tow may seem dangerous for your car, we will take the extra step to make sure that it is securely located on the back of the flatbed and is safe for the journey.

Tehama County Long Distance Tow Truck Service

The expenses associated with moving can seem quickly ad up at times – that’s one of the reasons that we are proud to offer very affordible towing company services.  Our team works hard to keep prices low, making it possible for you to receive the long-distance towing that you need without paying exorbitant prices.  Our fees are competitive and work to make it possible to safely move a vehicle without breaking the bank.

Sometimes, vehicles that need repair are sold for significantly low prices.  If you’ve located a car that you want to repair but can’t move, 530 Towing is here to help.  We will be happy to travel long-distances to retrieve the car that you are purchasing and then bring it to your location so that you can take the necessary steps to get it back in shape.  With our long-distance towing, it’s now possible to look beyond your local area for broken vehicles in need of repair.

Long Distance Towing You Can Trust

If you’re planning a move or need your car hauled to a different location, it’s time to stop worrying about how you will get it done – contact us today and let us take the stress out of your situation.  When you hire us, you can rest assured that you are teaming up with a towing company that is devoted to caring for your car and doing whatever it takes to get it safely to its destination.  Let us worry about getting your car to your new location so that you can focus on the rest of the details.

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Don’t wait to search for a “tow truck near me” once your car is already broken down on the roadside!  Instead, add our number to your phone now.  We look forward to discovering how we can help you stay on the road and keep your car going strong.

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