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Gas Delivery Service In Shasta County

Perhaps you’ve noticed for several miles that your gas gauge was getting increasingly lower, but you’ve been postponing a stop at the service station.  Or maybe you were simply having so much fun on the road that you didn’t notice the warning light that popped up on your dash.  Regardless of the situation, you now find yourself stranded alongside the road with an empty gas tank and a vehicle that won’t run on air alone.  What should you do now?  Contact us at 530Towing!

Too often, drivers find themselves humiliated when they run out of gas and completely unsure of what to do next.  Their only options seem to be calling for an expensive tow or else leaving the vehicle unattended while they walk to get gas.  Neither option is safe or sensible.  With the help of our gas delivery service you can receive the fuel you need to operate your car with no hassle and no dangerous treks across town on foot.

AAA Gas Delivery in Tehama County

At 530 Towing, we are more than just a local towing service; instead, we are a full roadside assistance company.  When you call and let us know that your vehicle is out of gasoline, one of our team members will get a tank full of fuel and then drive to the area where you experienced the breakdown.  We will help you by refueling your tank with enough gas to get you to a service station where you can add more to your car.  Forget trying to locate a friend for help – 530 Towing is happy to be that friend!

Shasta County Fuel Delivery Service

Running out of gasoline sometimes fills drivers with feelings of shame and dread.  Too often, people choose to try to walk to a service station because they are embarrassed to admit that they let their car run out of fuel.  While we understand that this is a humiliating situation, at 530 Towing, we see similar cases on a day-to-day basis. It can happen to the best of us! Our services are completely judgement free.  We aren’t going to try to make you feel bad about running out of gasoline; instead, we are simply going to focus on getting your car back on the road!  We also pride ourselves in offering the lowest costs for our gas delivery, ensuring that you can get the fuel you need without paying exorbitant fees. 

At 530 Towing, we employ only the most trustworthy workers.  When you call to request gasoline, you can expect to receive it from an employee who is honest, cares about your situation, and is anxious to perform the job of refilling your tank.  Whether it’s in the dark of night or during the work day, you can look forward to meeting a 530 Towing team member and consider them to be a friend during this stressful situation.

Gas Delivery Service You Can Trust

If you are sitting in your vehicle, unsure how to get gasoline, it’s time to make a phone call to 530 Towing.  Let us help you with our gas delivery services.  With our help, you can be back on the road within a matter of minutes and heading toward a gas station to top off your tank.

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Don’t wait to search for a “tow truck near me” once your car is already broken down on the roadside!  Instead, add our number to your phone now.  We look forward to discovering how we can help you stay on the road and keep your car going strong.

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