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Flat Tire Service Near Me

Flat Tire Service In Shasta County

Few of us stop to think about the importance of well-inflated tires…until we realize that one of our tires is flat!  When a tire is round on one side and flat on the other, you know that you have a problem, and that is where 530 Towing is ready to help.  Unassisted, experiencing a flat tire can leave drivers stranded on the side of the road as they try to figure what to do next, but our services eliminate the problem completely.  Our towing company offers a wide range of roadside assistance services including flat tire repair/replacement. 

Sometimes, tires can become deflated with time.  While these tires may not be completely flat, the air pressure slowly leaks out, making them unsafe to drive.  If you notice that your tire appears to be somewhat “squatty” or if your vehicle is jerking more to one side, then you may have a flat.  Our quipped team will bring an air tank to your location and help you by inflating the tire.  After confirming your tire has the correct pressure, you can get back on the road for a safe travel to your destination. 

Flat Tire Replacement in Tehama County

Having new tires with good tread generally prevents flats; however, if you encounter a nail or screw on the road, then the quality of your tires won’t matter – you will still experience a dreaded flat.  Here at 530 Towing, one of our professionals can help you with roadside flat tire repair.  We will work to remove the object from your tire and then put a patch in place.  While this may not fix the problem, it will give you the ability to continue on with your day and keep the tire inflated until you can get it replaced.

Flat Tire REplacement

In some cases, flat tires are beyond the point of repair.  Trying to change a tire on a busy freeway or even in a quiet parking lot can seem like an overwhelming task for those without a lot of experience.  From trying to maneuver a jack in place to attempting to remove lug nuts from the wheels, changing a tire is not something that should be performed by those who are not well-trained as it can result in serious injury if the tire is not properly installed.  When you call 530 Towing, we will be happy to send a team member out to change your tire for you.  With years of experience and plenty of successful tire changes, our staff will have your tire switched in record time!  We can put on your spare or, if you would like, we can also deliver and install a new tire that will match your vehicle.

Flat Tire Service You Can Trust

Flat tires can be a driver’s worst nightmare; however, with 530 Towing, we work to make it little more than a few minutes’ inconvenience.  Our well equipped team will happily work to repair or replace your tire to get you back on the road and headed toward your destination! 

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