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Towing Company Redding CA

We recognize the need of having a reliable towing company that you can trust where ever you live in Shasta or Tehama County. That’s why here at 530 Towing, we are proud to offer our tow truck and roadside assistance services to Redding, CA. We have complied a list of some of the most sought-after services and would be happy to help any motorist in the area.  Listed below are some of our most popular services to best you:

Flatbed Towing

Whether your car is experiencing problems or you’ve been in a wreck, our flatbed trucks provide the best towing capabilities. 

24/7 Service

Our 24/7 emergency towing and roadside services guarantee that you can have your car safely removed from the road at any time.

Small & Medium

We’re proud to offer towing services for all types of sizes. Whether it’s your motorcycle or ATV, we have a towing solution for you!

Long Distance

Did you just purchase non-running car from out of town?  Or do you need your car towed across the county, in any case we can help!

Roadside Assistance Redding CA


Sometimes batteries go flat and need to be recharged.  We are proud to provide jumpstart services along with battery delivery.


Locking your keys in the car can seem like a nightmare; however, our team can safely open your car so you can get along with life.

Gas Delivery

When you forget to fill up at the pump, our team brings gas to you, getting you back on the road and you behind the wheel.

Flat Tire Repair

Whether your tire needs to be changed or plugged, we have the skills and tools to help you get it inflated and running again.

Tow Truck Near Me Redding CA

Budget Towing Redding CA

When you leave the house to go to school, work, or run errands, the last thing you want to consider is the need for a tow truck.  Unfortunately, wrecks can happen to anyone and drivers across the country find themselves facing the aftermath of collisions every day.  From minor issues such as fender benders to major crashes, when you’ve been involved in an accident, it’s important to get your damaged vehicle off the road – This is where 530 Towing is proud to help!  With our devoted professionals and reliable fleet, we’re glad to serve you.  

A locally owned and operated towing company, 530 Towing is happy to offer a wide range of vehicle services to best support our community of the North State.  530 Towing will be there for you and your family, going the extra mile to help you recover your vehicle following an accident.  We also offer a wide variety of roadside assistance to keep you traveling along the road toward your destination. 

Tow Truck Redding CA

Automobile problems come in all different sizes, and 530 Towing is happy to serve them all!  Our team of professionals will answer your call, pinpoint your problem, and then work to resolve it.  We view each customer as valuable, regardless of the size of their automobile issue. If you’ve experienced a complete breakdown or have been in a car accident, our tow truck will be happy to come and provide local towing services to get your stalled vehicle off the road and to a repair shop.  But big accidents aren’t our only specialty!   

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Don’t wait to search for a “tow truck near me” once your car is already broken down on the roadside!  Instead, add our number to your phone now.  We look forward to discovering how we can help you stay on the road and keep your car going strong.

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