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Ampere Aki Satria Fu: Empowering Your Motorcycle

Are you looking for ways to enhance your Satria Fu motorcycle’s performance? If so, you may want to consider installing an ampere aki or a battery ampere regulator. This device can help optimize your bike’s electrical system, leading to better performance, longer battery life, and reduced risk of electrical failures.

What is an Ampere Aki Satria Fu?

An ampere aki or battery ampere regulator is a device that regulates the amount of current flowing in and out of your motorcycle battery. It ensures that the battery receives the right amount of charging current, preventing overcharging or undercharging that can lead to battery damage. This device is designed to work with Satria Fu motorcycles and can be installed easily by a professional mechanic.

Benefits of Installing an Ampere Aki Satria Fu

  1. Better battery life – The ampere aki satria fu can help extend your battery’s life by regulating the charging process. It prevents overcharging that can lead to acid boiling and damage to the battery’s internal plates.

  2. Improved motorcycle performance – With stable electrical supply, your motorcycle will receive consistent power, leading to better performance. You can expect faster acceleration, smoother idle, and improved fuel economy.

  3. Reduced risk of electrical failures – Unregulated charging can lead to electrical failures such as sparking, short circuits, and burnt wiring. An ampere aki helps prevent these issues, ensuring a safe and reliable ride.

  4. Easy installation – The ampere aki is a simple device that can be installed without much hassle. It can be attached to your bike’s wiring harness and connected to the battery terminals. A professional mechanic can install it for you in a matter of minutes.

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How to Choose the Right Ampere Aki Satria Fu

When selecting an ampere aki satria fu, it is essential to check the product’s specifications and compatibility with your motorcycle model. You should also consider the regulator’s voltage output, maximum amperage rating, and overall quality. It is best to choose a reputable brand with a proven track record in the motorcycle industry.

Cost of Ampere Aki Satria Fu

The cost of an ampere aki satria fu can vary based on the brand, features, and quality. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from IDR 150.000 to IDR 500.000 or more. While it may seem like an additional cost, investing in an ampere aki can help you save money in the long run by preventing battery replacements and electrical repairs.


An ampere aki satria fu is an excellent investment for any Satria Fu motorcycle owner looking to enhance their ride’s performance and safety. It can regulate the electrical system, extend battery life, and reduce the risk of electrical failures. When choosing an ampere aki, always consider the product’s compatibility, specifications, and quality. With this device, you can enjoy a safe, reliable, and efficient ride.